"Activate My Modem" Screen Some Kind of Virus or Problem?

On several occasions (many including getting into my work emails and other websites after a Google search for example) I don't get the website, I get a TWC screen at that says:


Welcome to Time Warner Cable's modem activation portal. Activation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Then I put in all the info (even though my modem is already active) and it tells me it can't activate and to call into TWC. I can't even back out of the screen at that point and have to redo the Goole search etc.


I have read somewhere this may be an IPv6 problem but the fix suggested by that user didn't work for me.


This is driving me crazy and I have called in 3x and each time the rep claimed it was "fixed" but of course we all know how that goes - it hasn't changed at all.


Can anyone help with this or give me some technical jargon to spit at the helpline people because as is usual with TWC "no one knows anything about this" although I am sure it is a widespread problem.


Re: "Activate My Modem" Screen Some Kind of Virus or Problem?

Clean out your cookies.