new modem no phone input

i just purchased my own modem and i dont see a phone plug port , how does this work , my old modem has a port so i can plug my phone line.


Re: new modem no phone input

From everything I read on the site, TW only allows you to purchase modems that do not have the phone.  To keep both, you need a splitter and two cables additional.  You split the signal in and connect your old modem from TW to keep the phone and connect your new modem, then activiate it with TW, for your internet connection.  I just recently did this.


Re: new modem no phone input

TWC doesn't charge you for the phone only modem.. be sure the splitters rated for 5-1000or higher mHz and that the signal levels fall into this range:



Re: new modem no phone input

see first part on phones

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