Why does my internet keep stopping or slowing to a crawl?

Hi everyone. First off, I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm not a techie, so my knowledge of the industry terminology is probably going to be comical to most of you. I seriously detest calling customer service for any issues, so I'm hoping someone here can offer a simple solution so I won't have to call.

We have a plan called Ultimate 200, which I think means we have speed up to 200mbps. We bought our own router, a NetGear of some sort, as recommended by the salesperson with whom I spoke last year when we switched from Windstream to TWC (now Spectrum). We left Windstream because we had constant problems with internet service stopping & needing to reboot our router. The salesperson at TWC told me that the speed we have would be sufficient for the number of tv's (6), smart phones (3), tablets (1), gaming systems (1) and computers (2) that we have, and usually there are only a few of those going at a time. We have never been able to get speed over 25 mbps during a speed test. Is that normal or should it be higher? It seems low to me. Tonight, while trying to watch tv (DirecTv, downloading an on-demand program), it took me almost an hour to watch 20 minutes of one tv show. My son is the only other person using the internet, and is on his X-box One S, watching YouTube. So while watching the program, I kept getting a message that would either say "Buffering" or "Your current internet connection speed may cause more viewing interruptions like this one". I rebooted my router, but the problem persisted. When my son and I are both using Wi-Fi for our smartphones, I sometimes have to reboot the router to get it to let us both connect or to reestablish connection. It's VERY frustrating. Switching from Windstream to TWC hasn't proven to be much better service. Could this be an issue with the underground wiring from the box outside to our house?? It would make sense to me if it was because of having the same issues with both companies. What should I do???

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you can offer!
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Re: Why does my internet keep stopping or slowing to a crawl?

The plan speeds they have quoted are theoretical, and in some markets, simply not acheivable at all times for reasons well above our heads.


To that end, wireless speeds in your home will be reduced to the least common denominator, and will slow for each additional client that is connecting wirelessly.  To maximize your network's efficiency, you should use hard-wired connections for as many things as possible.


The other thing you may want to investigate is interference.  If there are many others in your 'hood using Wifi, there is likely interference.  This is common in most suburbs and certainly all cities.  If you see 20 or so wireless networks when you are trying to connect to your router, then it is certain your performance will suffer as a result of interference.


Perform a speed test from a WIRED client directly to the MODEM (bypass the router) to determine if the problem is in your setup or out in the world.


Re: Why does my internet keep stopping or slowing to a crawl?

Copy and paste the modems signal level and error log pages and the results of a speedtest using the TWC tool on a wired computer.