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WIFI really sucks at midnight

For the last few weeks, I am having some serious connectivity issues. The WIFI at my home doesn't seem to work around midnight, I can't play online games, can't watch Youtube videos. Sometimes the situation seems to be even worse that I can't even search with Google. The connection would resume normal around 2am. But I don't really get it why?


Re: WIFI really sucks at midnight

There are a lot of factors for WIFI, what kind of router do you have? How many people are connected at the same time? What is your current data plan from Spectrum? Do you live in an apartment or multi level hoouse? Do you have QOS setup? If download speeds stutter between a certain time for a few hours, bandwidth could be being eaten up from another user.



Re: WIFI really sucks at midnight

Also, is midnight set up in your system as the default time to download updates, perform cloud syncs, etc?

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Re: WIFI really sucks at midnight

Good morning.


Some information you can post to help diagnose the issue can be 



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