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Have subscribed to 100/10 internet speed. Had two techservice in-home visits plus many tech service phone conversations. Spectrum says I am getting the 100/10 service. Yet I am still getting wild variations in download speed when hard wired from Spectrum provided modem to my laptop - never higher that 89 and as low as 10.  Why am I seeing these large variations?


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Copy and paste signal level and error log pages and your zipcode for a start.

Are you using the TWC/spectrum speedtest tool?



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I have used multiple speed tests, including Ookla, which was recommended by the Spectrum technician. The results are the same - variable download speed to as low as 10. Why is there this variation? Is there a signal problem from Spectrum?

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Without some additional information your peers will not be able to assist you with diagnosis of the issues.


Some information that would be useful to post can be found here: 



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