Unreliable Internet Connectivity - how to report problem

Hi all,


So I've been documenting via an Internet Connectivity tool and wireshark the dropping of my internet connection (over 30 times a week for up to a couple of hours). TW support keeps wanting me to unplug or reset my modem (the new one they provided despite me wanting to use my own).


How does one get these logs to an actual technician so it can be reviewed? Or is it a hopeless windmill I'm tilting at?



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Re: Unreliable Internet Connectivity - how to report problem

You can actually post the logs here, the error log and signal level page's data from your modem.

access by typing into your internet browser's (chrome, safari, IE, firefox, etc.) URL bar for bridged modems for NAT (such as on a modem + WiFi router combo)


I can take a look, sure, but I'd need at least that error log for the HFC MAC & CMTS MAC. 


And are you dropping packets on Ethernet or just WiFi?

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