Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Understanding Fractions & Utilities
LaVey Satanist, Concept Creator, Independent Journalist, and Progenitor Author: Robert Dijon Peterson

So if you are on the three hundred megabyte plan, then you live in an apartment? You might want to pay attention; half of an eighth is a fourth, and sixteenth of any fraction. Therefore half of a fourth squared means; you're three-fourths if a sixteenth in a set. If you heard this phrase by time warner cable a long time ago; "twenty down, thirty up?" You are merely getting fifty more megabytes than you should be getting. A service provider undermining the speed, and correlations of the radio frequencies that throw off your battery from being able to handle the strenuous activity you're asking it to do. What this means is; they're undermining your modem/router combo they gave you, and you can lawsuit the service provider for it. Usually; a service provider doesn't care about your speeds, and won't cause they are in an oligopoly.


So; this causes your computer to bottleneck, and not be able to get out onto the internet at times which are pretty intermittent. These are some pictures of what this looks like, how to notice the employees are lying to you, and if they delete my post? Oh well, sucks to be you, because you either get here fast enough to understand it? Or, you don't. I don't control them, but they will dictate where information goes if I do not. Since they support the multiplex, otherwise the parameters wouldn't allow variables of a thousand. So, they do have fiber integrated, but not implemented into their system. Your modem cannot route something that won't be appropriate with its radio frequency channels. Just like how batteries don't just go missing that many times!


8/7/2017 7:49 14 Power Supply Telemetry Log - BATTERY MISSING

https://prnt.sc/grmzay (Correctids picture)
https://prnt.sc/gs8w2d (Provisions picture)
https:x//youtu.be/2OsnX7fT8Ao (Bandwidth throttling)
https:x//youtu.be/Hxf5zwGAJx0 (Summary)

https:x//youtu.be/6VJIrO7uqQc   (Talk With The Tech)

https:x//youtu.be/5MDaWKmGjps (End Result)

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Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

The 'BATTERY' that you refer to within your monologue is only available on cable internet modems which include EMTA telephone service capability.  The battery is used to keep both telephone and internet connections functioning during a local AC Power outage for a defined time interval.  The battery has absolutely nothing to do with your internet data speed of transmission. 


Spectrum does not provide batteries installed in such modems, nor do they sell them to or service them for their customers because of liability concerns.   Thus the battery will ALWAYS be missing unless  the user acquires a compatible one and correctly installs it in the modem housing himself.


If you wish to take legal action against your internet service provider or cable TV franchise holder, whether it involves data speed, picture quality, service reliability, content, or pricing, you must send your complaint to your state's regulatory authority.  The address and phone number appear on your monthly printed bill from Spectrum as required by FCC Rules. 

Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Karl Beckman; there are two problems with what you just said, and when your modem/router combo is looking for services that are not there? To a fault; you're feeding someone an electromagnetic pulse, let's say we have three floors at this apartment complex, and then you're feeding someone fifteen megabytes-per-second. Then two of us have three hundred megabytes-per-second and just fifteen-year-old wiring at our facility. The point is; she only gets four megabytes-per-second, and I get fifty up when others get thirty down. Therefore; I could just attach a phone to run down the battery that proves my point.

It does involve my speeds; you are a liability, and this does concern you by not wanting to appropriate the radio waves for our facility at pecan hills apartment complexes. I would like to ask you politely to give me a definition of telecommunications in less than two sentences what a general idea of the words you wrote here is just the materials written into an absence of their proper provisions. Therefore; a lack thereof communication.

Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Part 2 of my response

Karl Beckman; microwaves knock electronics out of their atom and create a vacuum. The broader a stressed radio wave becomes a fixed black hole simulator. The services are not appropriated with their radio waves, catch a flyby electron from wires, and microwaves with vacuum tubes which emanate at a level of an electromagnetic pulse by increasing the frequencies of other microwavable currents inadvertently. Someone can make a homemade emp; which is illegal, and just throw off the entire facility to see where the fault lies if they wanted to by being patient enough to knock the electrons out of their atom by using your services as a glass cannon.
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Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Your theories sound interesting, but either a lot of words are missing between the ones you did string together, or your spellchecker had too much caffiene.   Your commentsand conclusions don't align with the numerous engineering and physics courses I've taken while earning my engineering degree  and PE certificate.   I haven't found vacuum tubes in any new microwave radio operating in the FCC's private microwave radio service during this millenium, but I can guarantee they have insufficent power to generate an EMP disturbance. 


Like most of the Spectrum customers with technical experience in cable TV and internet systems who volunteer to assist users on this forum, I don't use a combination modem and router uni.  I also don't provide any internet services or program content to TWC or Spectrum, nor to any of their home subscribers. 


Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Cable modems and Qam 256 time slots don't work that way....  think about cars on the freeway. Bottlenecks occur when someone slows down or tries to drive to fast.

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Re: Understanding Fractions & Utilities (Related to bandwidth throttling)

Good luck convincing him that cable has moved beyond analog technology and microwave signals aren't just generated by ovens warming the next meal.