ToD request sent- No Response received

I see that this is starting to occur in northeast ohio....They are doing work at the head end however I'm still on the same old Cadant CMTS...

There's been a rumor of an upcoming firmware update for 6141's to a 2015/16 version due to new 6141 hardware as well as 6183's having an issue and Arris replacing them with 6190's....



Mar 21 2016 13:47:024-ErrorD04.3ToD request sent- No Response received

Model Name: SB6141
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB_KOMODO-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot(25CLK)
Hardware Version: 7.0
Serial Number: 0001
Firmware Build Time: Mar 6 2014 15:23:55

 And from Cisco on their CMTS...  ( we only have Cadant CHTS here but this is the only info I've found:


In addition, although the DOCSIS specifications do not require that a cable modem successfully obtain a response from a ToD server before coming online, not obtaining a timestamp could prevent the cable modem from coming online in the following situations:

• If DOCSIS configuration files are being timestamped, to prevent cable modems from caching the files and replaying them, the clocks on the cable modem and CMTS must be synchronized. Otherwise, the cable modem cannot determine whether a DOCSIS configuration file has the proper timestamp.
• If cable modems register using Baseline Privacy Interface Plus (BPI+) authentication and encryption, the clocks on the cable modem and CMTS must be synchronized. This is because BPI+ authorization requires that the CMTS and cable modem verify the timestamps on the digital certificates being used for authentication. If the timestamps on the CMTS and cable modem are not synchronized, the cable modem cannot come online using BPI+ encryption.


Re: ToD request sent- No Response received

Thanks for the information.  I am not aware of any new information.  I will pass this along and let you know if we hear anything.  



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Re: ToD request sent- No Response received

This seems to have slowed down in frequency, maybe they fixed the DST at the Macedonia head end



Re: ToD request sent- No Response received

This is now showing up in the error log... Looks like TWC had an issue with their change to IPv6 administration / CMTS to CM communications that was fixed a couple weeks ago.  I only run IPv4 due to Legacy devices btw.

DHCP Renew - lease parameters time server-2605:a000:200:1:180:0:2:100;syslog server-2605:a000:200:1:180:0:2:100;tftp file-?BiABGZgIgBAAAAAAAAAAADOwd6yPXbgmBaAADAIAoFmJAZV0bPwo@AA  DTJ6vy45fGn0g1PsV2RtiX9wP39 modified