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Is everybody else's wifi out still with no connection or has anyone found or heard a solution on what's the deal or what's goin on smh

No connectivity texas 75023

To the people who weren't able to talk to a representative I was able to talk to someone and this is what he told me.
I was able to talk to a representative and he informed me that the internet outage is Nationwide and has been going on since 10 a.m. this morning. I hope that this helps y'all. The gentleman I talked to said that within the past hour, which I spoke to him at 7:30ish,Texas time. He has no ET as to when it will be up and running again. He did suggest getting the TWC app that way you will know when the internet is back on.

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Same in 78759 and I live right by the office at MoPac & Duval. I cannot believe they do not have some kind of redundancy on their network for issues like this. There is no excuse to be down this long. I can accept slower speeds during a major issue but nothing for hours. Really  x   that I’ll probably have to drive to my office for work tomorrow instead of working at home. Time to shop other providers.


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Managed to talk to a chat support was told there is no outage but rather trouble connecting to servers .I then was about to ask for a solution when he ended chat session .

75219 outage ?

Outage 75219 dallas

Re: 75219 outage ?

Also on 78040 bro :/ been like this for 6 hours

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try changing DNS to It could be a DNS server outage and not for physical networks


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They are posting on the Facebook spectrum page


I have had outage since 5pm. 75067

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try switching your DNS to google, If you don't know how google "change DNS to google"