Technicolor TC8717T Gateway Password Issues

While trying to repair problems mostly likely due to Florence-induced power fluctuations (flickers but doesn't go completely off) I find I can no longer log on to my Technicolor TC8717T.  The user ID/password I had just created before just before one such flicker doesn't work nor do the default settings.


I have tried reseting the password by unplugging the device for a few minutes and, with the device on, by pressing/holding the reset button.  Neither of these reset the device.  I had previously changed the keys for the two wireless access points and those values did reset so I am especially puzzled that pressing the reset button didn't also reset the user ID/password.


The device is working as an access point but I need to get back in and set up a bunch of port forwards and IP reservations.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Community Manager

Re: Technicolor TC8717T Gateway Password Issues

We apologize for any service issues. If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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