T3 / T4 Timeouts

Hi all, I'm currently paying for the 300 ultra plan, in the 28173 zip code.  I own my modem and it's a Netgear CM700. 


Internet service has been intermitent dropping for 10-60 seconds sporadically.  I checked the logs of the modem and it looks like I've been getting T3 and T4 timeouts, see below for snapshot of the logs:




Here are the current connection stats after a few reboots:



I haven't started a tech support request yet, wanted to see if anyone knew if the issue was something on my end or related to the service up-to my house



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Re: T3 / T4 Timeouts

Since we don't have a good idea of the layout of your home connection, here are my experience-based educated guesses.  The fact that you only have one active upstream channel (not all 4), combined with downstream levels lower than -5 dBmV suggests a few probable causes:

1)  a VERY lossy drop cable likely full of water, either from rubbing on a tree branch or being chewed by squirrels.

2)  corroded connectors outside (related to #1), OR

3)  too many levels of splitter in your in-home cabling.

It's also possible that signal levels along the trunk ine are out of tolerance and amplifiers need to be realigned.  If your HSTech fuinds that, it will take a few days to fix since that work requires scheduling multiple Tier3 maintenance crews with bucket trucks.


Recommended fixes by the Spectrum home service tech include:

1) Replace the drop cable with new outdoor RG6-QS.  Replace the grounding block at the same time, and verify it is properly connected to the ground wire of the main electric breaker box.  Don't argue to save a buck, just do it! 

2)  Verify the cable entering the home is RG6-QS and the F connector is "bright and tight"; no corrosion on the connector and no moisture visible on the cable end allowed.  Otherwise replace that connector too.  

3)  If there are ANY splitters indoors, the modem  must be connected to the first 2-port splitter coming in from the outside tap.  No in-line amplifiers allowed unless the customer also subscribes to Spectrum telephone service and Spectrum installs the amplified splitter with the modem connected to the TEL or MODEM port.