Super Slow Upload Speeds In The Daytime.

I'm so frustrated .... Ive gone over my settings for days and have found no help! I have 13 ms ping / 348 mgs Down / 20 up "only at night? "   I stream live to periscope tv with little to NO issues at night but from 6am-4pm i can hardly stream at all .. MASSIVE FRAME DROP.. With zero setting switches? I'm using OBS software and im not sure if its the internet or the software? Its not periscope tv because it drops frames without connecting to the app itself. Anybody PLEASEEEEEEEEE HELP ! I'm begging.. NEW ROUTER ? NEW MODEM? WHAT DO I NEED ?  Ps The router/modem is 3 months old it is a spectrum piece of equipment .

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Upload speed issues are normally caused by problems in the cable network, not your modem gateway.  However, you have not given the forum readers any details about your existing equipment or installation, except that you rent the gateway from Spectrum.  It's not going to be easy for anyone here to suggest what you could change to improve your service connection.  As an example, you told us that your service at night works almost perfectly for you, but said nothing regarding the daytime performance that disappoints you.

I missed what you meant about 'zero setting switches' and 'OBS software' - are these unique to your periscope streaming needs?  Have you tried getting some basic guidance from a Periscope users group?


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OBS is Open Broadcast Software, it is a software used to live stream.