Speed Great but Consistent >3 Second Lags

Hi all,


I've got consistently great service according the Spectrum speed test (>100mbps downstream), S/N is 37-39dB, and power levels are in spec. DSLRreports confirms speed (though it gives downstream buffering at about 600ms). But... I consistently get loooong lags when surfing even simple sites. I sit and wait for five seconds until the site perhaps loads, which it always does in the end, but sometimes only after four or five tries. In the meantime I get messages from my browers (I've tried several) saying the internet is not available. I know that's not true. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I'm leaning toward replacing my modem.  Details: paying for 50/5 service, getting 100/10 service (cool, I know). Fully updated Mac laptop system. Arris SB6141 modem a couple of years old. All figures reported via ethernet cable, not wifi.


What do folks think?


Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Speed Great but Consistent >3 Second Lags

Post the modem event logs and signal levels.

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What you think is in spec, probably isn't... Need to see the entire page.


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Hi, this is still buddhaauthor. For some reason, the site will not accept my sign in, constantly redirecting me to completing my profile (which of course I already have done). I've created a new profile with an alternate email address.


And speaking of hating on the software, I'd love to attach screen shots of my log and signal, but I have to say the instructions for doing so are astoundingly bad. They say to follow the online instructions, but there are none. There are merely text fields for source, image description, dimensions, and x. Huh?


I'll probably figure this out, eventually, but sheesh! Please be patient.



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Thanks, Reds91185 and MsRaye for your responses. An entirely different page came up this time when trying to attach files. No idea why, except that I created this new account. Whatever made it happen, here are the log and signal screen shots.

log newer.pnglog older.pngsignal top.pngsignal bottom.png

Re: Speed Great but Consistent >3 Second Lags

Bumping this thread with updated signal and log information in case it's helpful.


Cheers, Franz


Re: Speed Great but Consistent >3 Second Lags

Hi all,


This may be a bit cheeky, but my original post met with two helpful replies asking for signal and log data, I've provided that data twice and I'd love to have a hint about what's wrong with my connection. So I'm bumping my post. My connection is consistently fast but the lags are extreme. For example, when I'm uploading data to my Google drive, as I am right now, Google tells me multiple times a minute that I am not signed in, but then realizes I am signed on and goes on with the upload. This is not normal. Do I replace the modem? Or should I inquire elsewhere? The modem is my own, so I know Spectrum is not going to help me.


Thanks from Franz