Outage in Moreno Valley Ca

So I can't get a straight answer from spectrum, Twitter, or the time warner app as to what is really going on. Service stopped at about 7 am this morning and has up to this point not been restored. I've heard every story from someone ran into a cable box to straight out vandalism. Nobody knows anything and I can't tell if anybody is even working on repairing the system out in the field or if it's an internal problem. So hopefully I cam get a straight answer here. What is going on and when will service be restored?
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Re: Outage in Moreno Valley Ca


The forums are intended for peer to peer support. The volunteers here will not have 

specific information about a problem in your area.


 Our agents should not provide particulars for any given area issue, the details of

the issue are generally not provided to them either and are not, in most cases, informative to the end user. If the issue is known that would indicate that in fact there are engineers/technicians already working the issue.


We are not able to provide an estimate for when the work will be completed as there

are many variables. The engineers/technicians will have service restored as 

quickly as they are able. 



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