Our whole neighborhood Internet has quit

Our whole neighborhood Internet has quit , Landvale Trace , Leland ,NC 28451 , paid my $159 yesterday for my package with the 100 speed which I pay extra for , I got excited when I almost got 10 speed out of the 50 on wireless and paying for the 100 speed , it stop about 2 or 3 months ago when 007 / Spectrum took over , until then I could get over 40 during the day now I can't even get 10 , but I'm paying for it , i saw one 007 truck one day hoping he would go to our main box across the street and check it out , but he was lost and in the wrong neighborhood so it stays out and I keep paying for my 100 speed the only 100 I see is when I get into my car , but may one day and I hope soon that will change --Edward Kittrell 

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Re: Our whole neighborhood Internet has quit

Good morning.


If you are looking for assistance from your peers here in the forums you may wish to 

post some additional information. 


Some items that would be helpful can be found here: DATA-TO-POST-TO-GET-HELP-FROM-THE-COMMUNITY   Without having any information your peers will be unable to assist in this matter. 


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Re: Our whole neighborhood Internet has quit

Did you and the neighbors call TWC/ Spectrum to report this outtage?


 If not, it's not going to get fixed...

 This is peer to peer support, we don't call TWC/ Spectrum and have no Idea where you are...



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Re: Our whole neighborhood Internet has quit

Here's a (not so) small economic incentive to remind folks to call in and report every outage:  You can get a credit on your monthly bill if you report your service outage.  Nothing on the record?  Credit for service outage is denied.  It's not broken until you tell them.