No 400 mbps speed with Upgrade

Just upgraded to 400/20 internet. With equipment swap I saw immediate improvement in upload speed from 11 to 23 mbps. Download speeds dropped from 92 to 79 mbps on wired network. Spectrum Tech spent 2 hours yesterday trying to fix it. Tested signal strength. Good. Replaced hardware. Tested speed on multiple devices at different locations in home. All testing was consistent with the speed testing through Spectrum Account interface. 5G WIFI once reached 100 mbps but stabilized at about 70 near the router. Zip code is 29053. Sagemcom F@st 5260 is the router that the Tech finally installed after swapping several times. Internet service has been good for past 2 years. I just need the additional speed. Any ideas?
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Re: No 400 mbps speed with Upgrade



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