New UBEE DVW32C does not work in Bridge mode

Hello all,

I visited our local TWC/Spectrum office in Cincinnati last week and got replacement cable Boxes for my two TVs.  at the the same time the rep gave me a new modem that was in this big honking box. and signed me up for their new spectrum service.  The modem is a UBee DVW32 C model and is so big it will not fit where I had the original motorola modem .  I did not realize till after i read the information that it was an all in one that has telephone, router and WIFI builit in.  I use a linksys router for my WIFI and don't need or want telephone  or the wifi/router, just a modem.  When I hooked up the new UBEE some of my devices would not hook up to the internet including a blue ray player that is connected by ehternet cable  These worked fine before when hooked to my router.  I logged into the UBEE modem as admin and tried to set it to bridge mode, but found that option is not available in my modem.  I spent about 2 hours on the phone with tech support where they tried to set my modem to bridge mode.  They set it but then when I connected by ethernet cable from my desktop computer  to the ETH 1 port on the modem to see if I had an internet connection it would not connect to internet.  We tried powering off and on the UBEE but that did not work, no internet.   The technician basically gave up and said I should return the modem and it is probably defective.  He suggested I should ask for a different make/brand of modem .  If I return it and they hand me another one of the same model, I bet I will have the same issue.  Unfortunately I turned in my old motorola modem last week.  I just want a basic modem and want to use my own linksys router and wifi.  I don't know if the Eastgae store even has other brand modems without WIFI and router built in.  

Comments or suggestions on what I should do?  I rely on my internet conection and hooked up devices for my work, so this whole thing has been going on for over a week and is getting frustrating. 


Re: New UBEE DVW32C does not work in Bridge mode

You didn't reset the router to factory settings and then set it to autodetect wan settings....

even with 2 devices in NAT, you'll still probably get internet service.