Re: Netgear C7000 firmware update - (Bring your own modem)

Please see posts back in March on Netgear site. I'm not the only one getting he run around from Spectrum. Apparently I need to speak to the Advanced Networking Support group to get updates pushed. Guess I'll have to call back and speak to them.

Re: Netgear C7000 firmware update - (Bring your own modem)

Spectrum is replacing 16 channel modems with 8 channel ones, go figure.

 The supported modem list is also out of date.

 It took them 8 months to get the IPv6 back running on 6183's.

If netgear blew it with the firmware, they should replace the modems, not pawn it off on the cable company



Re: Netgear C7000 firmware update - (Bring your own modem)

This actually IS true for all modems. Netgear may have a more recent firmware update available but until the cable companies (all of them do this) test it they will not push it out to their customers.  Who do you think the average customer will blame if Netgear pushed a firmware update to your modem that wasn't compatible with Spectrum's network?  CSR reps and tech support do not push firmware updates, only the engineering department, and then only after extensive testing.

How is this marked as a "solution"!??


I've been using the same router and have also been stuck on firmware V1.01.15 for about 9 months.  Before I get into it, I need to rebut some of the ridiculous claims made in this thread about the usefulness of firmware updates.  Let's assume I'm just speaking for Spectrum customers who use NETGEAR routers.  


I can't believe that nobody has posted about this yet on these support forums  NETGEAR had an insanely huge security issue that they patched a while ago with a firmware update.  Anyone who has not updated their firmware is still at risk.


Links are included below, but let me summarize:

Until you update your C7000 firmware, you could inadvertently give someone complete remote administrative access to your router/home network simply by clicking on a disguised, malicious link from your computer while you’re at home.


Vulnerability Note VU#582384

Multiple Netgear routers are vulnerable to arbitrary command injection


NETGEAR | Security Advisory for CVE-2016-6277, PSV-2016-0245



I've also had Spectrum's phone support give me the runaround, or bad/incorrect information on multiple occasions.  Those conversations have always ended with one of two "resolutions" which even contradict one another:


(1)  You need to contact NETGEAR to figure out how to update your router's firmware

(2)  Updates are pushed automatically, so eventually it will happen.  OR you can reboot your router to see if that works.  (definitely has not worked)


I have NEVER received even ONE firmware update from Spectrum!  I've been using this NETGEAR C7000 running firmware  V1.01.15 since I first signed up with Spectrum back in August 2016!  I will spare you from hearing my story as it relates to technical issues, but security is my primary concern with wanting my firmware updated.  I can understand testing something new before releasing it, but I’ve been waiting for going on a year now. 


I wonder how many Spectrum customers will have their home networks infiltrated while they wait on these firmware updates that never come?