Moderate nat type

Has anyone noticed that their internet connection is always on moderate since they became spectrum? I mean I pay so much money for the boosted internet where I'm supposed to have the "fastest speeds" but every time I turn my xbox on my Nat type is moderate... Never open. I have reset the router/modem many time. The wires are good. From the wall cable to cat 6 Ethernet cable I use to run my xbox hardwired. I think they are throttling back the speeds again and we are still paying full price. I frankly have been contemplating going else where for my internet needs. Tv is all going down hill anyways With them removing channels. Yet no price reduction for that. The whole scheme is starting to get too much for me. I have noticed over the many years I have been a customer that things have changed usually for the worse and yet we have to pay more and more...
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Re: Moderate nat type

Here is a great link for things to post to get some help from your peers.




We have several participants who are very skilled with connectivity problems,

im sure they would be happy to look into this with you. 


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Re: Moderate nat type

You have your router set wrong, that's where NAT takes place, not in any terminal device

"moderate and open" sound more like firewall terms.