Modem in Critical Status



My Motorola Arris Surfboard Sb6121 cable model has been performing below optimal performance standards and Spectrum weren't really able to help me outside of their normal troubleshooting procedure. This problem has been happening over the past two days and I am hoping someone could help me.


The technician I made an appointment with won't be coming until tomorrow so I was just wondering if there is anything I can do from my side to fix this issue. 


Things I have attempted:

1. Connected my computer directly to modem

2. Restarted modem/router multiple occassions

3. Unplugged modem/router for a hour and tried again

4. Contacted internet provider and had them check my signal 


The main issue from what I can see so far is that my modem is constantly "recycling" itself according to one of the representatives that was able to help me over the phone. From what I have observed so far and the light research I did on the topic, my modem is constantly trying to connect, but the signal is too weak so it restarts itself in hopes of establishing a good connection. I was able to access my upstream and downstream data, but I am not really sure what to do with these data. 


If there isn't anything I could do, is there anything I should prepare myself for when the technician comes tomorrow? He will only be here for a hour and I want to make sure he's well informed on my situation to better help me.


Has anyone else encountered a situation similar to this or may know a solution to this problem? Thank you!


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Re: Modem in Critical Status

Do you own this modem?  Or is it rented from Spectrum?  It's an old modem, and doesn't support higher internet speeds.  You might be able to get 60/6 out of it.


That being written, please post the modem diagnostics - and leave your modem up and running for six hours before doing so.  (  The problem might not be with your modem, but with your wiring (loose, frayed cable connectors; damage outside the home (squirrels); cell phone ingress; interference from local TV Stations, etc.).  Also post your zip code (with the diagnostics) so we can determine if it is indeed TV Station interference.


Are any other services suffering, too?  (TV?).


Re: Modem in Critical Status

Please post that downstream and upstream data. That will tell us a lot.