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What do the lights on the modem show? No US? DS flashing, yeah the guy cut your connection to hook someone else up...

Call TWC up and demand they get someone out now...



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Everything is on and flashing except the online light, same as last weekend, talked to tech support and the earliest i could get someone here is monday afternoon. All the guy offered was to credit me for these 2 days my internet should be down. And i think he only offered that because i was right when i suggested, that the guy installing the new service for the other apt, disconnected mine.

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I wish you would have posted the signal level page I requested... Both up and down flashing look like a signal level issue, not disconnected but another splitter added throwing it out of range for your modem. Tech may have needed another port.

3.5 dB of splitter loss can make a huge difference.

See if you can get current levels... and post them...

Any access to where the box is that you can get a photo of?

There should be a tag with your apartment number on a cable there...


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Thank you for the help, i just got "temporarily" fixed and found out the problem is with the coax cables in the wall. This tech that came out today showed me the coax outlet box or whatever it is in the master bedroom and ALL the cables were cut except one. The other 2 techs that came out never told me this, they just said don't move the modem because that is the only place the modem will work.


This tech sees those wires and calls me into the room and asks me if i ever messed with the coax outlet box.. lol In my 6 years in living in this apartment i have never even seen that coax outlet box until i had to find it for the first tech to install, i have had u-verse for 6 years, and they go through phone lines so they never had to go in my master bedroom at all.


20 mins or so later, he asks me if i'm sure i ever even had internet in the first place, because he's been doing this 60 years, and there's nothing i can say to convince him that i didn't do something to the coax outlet box or the modem. He didn't even tell me he fixed it, he just walked out. I just so happen to check the modem to see that the online light was on. At the time i got off with the phone with tech support he hasn't even marked this job as complete and the tech support guy on the phone said it was weird as well, it still says i have an appointment scheduled for today.


Sorry venting, but the reason i say temporarily fixed is because, as soon as he repaired my internet, the neighbors internet went out. My neighbor happened to be outside, when the tech support guy was leaving and asked him about his internet, and the guy just got in his truck said "it aint' my fault," got in his truck in left.


I just spent 25 mins w/ tech support asking is it possible if we share lines or something like that, because i'm 100% sure when they come to repair my neighbors service, mine is going to go out again. The tech support guy on the phone was trying to explain it that's it's not possible, so what could it be? Just a bunch of lines in the wall and when he pulled the line through my coax outlet box, he accidently pulled out theirs? At this point i don't even know who's reponsible for fixing something like that, the apt complex or time warner. These apts are only maybe 12 years old and it is only pre-wired to have to have twc and att.




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Also you have asked to see the signal #'s before, so i'm just going to include them this time, so maybe if you see anything, i can point it out to the next tech, because i know i will be having to call them again in the next few days. I was looking over them myself and i know nothing about them, but that one uncorrectable is very high is that normal?

I'm in grand prairie texas, internet only, in an apt complex...

DCID Freq Power SNR Modulation Octets Correcteds Uncorrectables
Downstream 1 28 837.00 MHz 5.80 dBmV 29.27 dB 256QAM 47830211 46822 10794
Downstream 2 9 723.00 MHz 6.60 dBmV 28.79 dB 256QAM 2340356 168608 0
Downstream 3 10 729.00 MHz 6.60 dBmV 28.94 dB 256QAM 2447140 105338 0
Downstream 4 11 735.00 MHz 6.80 dBmV 28.94 dB 256QAM 2563872 86780 0
Downstream 5 12 741.00 MHz 6.80 dBmV 29.10 dB 256QAM 3022055 69564 0
Downstream 6 13 747.00 MHz 7.00 dBmV 29.44 dB 256QAM 2979202 18500 0
Downstream 7 14 753.00 MHz 7.20 dBmV 29.53 dB 256QAM 2798543 13552 0
Downstream 8 15 759.00 MHz 7.00 dBmV 29.44 dB 256QAM 3033690 21881 0
Downstream 9 17 771.00 MHz 6.70 dBmV 29.23 dB 256QAM 2616935 42308 0
Downstream 10 18 777.00 MHz 6.80 dBmV 29.27 dB 256QAM 2381489 30942 0
Downstream 11 19 783.00 MHz 6.50 dBmV 29.06 dB 256QAM 2559628 76852 0
Downstream 12 22 801.00 MHz 6.30 dBmV 29.57 dB 256QAM 2834382 10967 0
Downstream 13 23 807.00 MHz 6.30 dBmV 28.91 dB 256QAM 2974043 304605 0
Downstream 14 26 825.00 MHz 5.90 dBmV 28.94 dB 256QAM 2636744 135018 0
Downstream 15 27 831.00 MHz 6.00 dBmV 29.23 dB 256QAM 2495714 42112 0
Downstream 16 30 849.00 MHz 5.90 dBmV 29.40 dB 256QAM 3506244 23761 0
Reset FEC Counters
UCID Freq Power Channel Type Symbol Rate Modulation
Upstream 1 2 24.20 MHz 39.50 dBmV DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) 5120 kSym/s 64QAM
Upstream 2 4 37.00 MHz 40.50 dBmV DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) 2560 kSym/s 16QAM
Upstream 3 3 30.60 MHz 39.75 dBmV DOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA) 5120 kSym/s 64QAM
Upstream 4 1 19.40 MHz 38.75 dBmV DOCSIS1.x (TDMA) 2560 kSym/s 16QAM

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Are all the s/n ratios lower than 32 dB?

 at 28 dB, you're lucky it even works.  It will go out again...

s/n needs to be 34 dB or higher!

THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM and is resulting in the high correcteds and uncorrecteds.

The actual levels appear okay so the culprit is a bad or misalligned amplifier, they have the gain set WAY too high to make up for excessive loss in your building. How many apartments are there? Is there a box on the outside or in a utility room somewhere?

If Uverse was involved, it's possible they have other suites crossconnected into the cable system as well.  This is really going to require an experienced tech to look at and try to isolate the BAD s/n's cause and repair it.

 this could also be 4G cellular LTR and LMR 2 way radio ingress overloading the building amplifier. That indeed could be bad in building wiring.

The techs are not admitting the s/n is out of spec... and probably not escallating the issue either.


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I believe  the US and DS led's should be steady blue and not flashing, only the internet led should be flashing.

Steady blue= bonded channels

Steady green+ single channel not bonded

 Flashing blue or green= losing lock, having serious decode issues.

What's bad is your first channel has horrible uncorrecteds, that's the home channel and is most critical.



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BTW, the cut off lines in the wall box were probably TWC's previous attempts to isolate noise or the unused wall jacks for a previous tennant...


And cable TV and MATV systems weren't around 60 years ago...

" he's been doing this 60 years"   lolWoman LOL



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That is funny, because he was defintely an older guy, but he didn't look any where near 70 something. lol Tech support was asking me if the guys who have come to install and fix my services were contractors or real employees, i didn't have a clue.


To answer your question, out of the 16 downstreams, 5 of them are somewhere in the 28's and the rest are 29. point something. This is a large complex, 8 separate buildings, 12 units and each building has that box i think you are speaking of. Looking at my modem, the us/ds light, power light and online light are solid blue, the only blinking lights are the 2.4 and 5ghz lights.


I think this is the type of box you are speaking about it? I took this pic last weekend when it went out the 1st time, this is the next building's box, i actually just found out where my building's box is located a few mins ago, but will wait to look at it in the day time tomorrow as it's directy outside someone's window.


And i'm not 100 percent sure, but in this complex ATT goes through our phone outlets. My prior u-verse service was all done in my living room through a phone outlet, they never had to access that coax outlet box in the master bedroom.


With the low SN ratios could that be the cause for the internet connection dropping every few hours or is that just wifi in general? I'm internet only w/ spectrum, and have the directv now streaming service, and using that and trying to surf the net at the same time, sometime causes the connection to drop for a few mins.  It doesn't happen a lot, but i never really experienced this much internet interruption w/ U-verse and i barely had 18mpbs, but it rarely cut out like it's doing w/ spectrum.




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TrillBill85 wrote:

I think this is the type of box you are speaking about it? I took this pic last weekend when it went out the 1st time, this is the next building's box, i actually just found out where my building's box is located a few mins ago, but will wait to look at it in the day time tomorrow as it's directy outside someone's window.


My 2 cents on what this sounds like, from related experience:

This sounds like a combination of theft of service (please note I'm not accusing anyone), a desperate need for post-wire (which requires landlord involvement), a need for an audit (who is supposed to have service and who isn't, tagged correctly), and a maintenance issues with taps not done correctly.  I stress the word "sounds" because I don't have all the facts here, just one presentation (yours) of the facts.. I would have to examine the billing system AND "tone & tag" the cable lines to be sure; teamwork (big key word there) between a dispatcher on the phone and a field tech out on-site.



My take away is that this likely needs to be, unfortuantely, a repeat visit TC.  For three reasons that come to mind off the top of my head:


1.  A post-wire and an audit of the tap really seems like they both need to be done ASAP.

If people in your apartment are disconnecting other people to connect their service lines, that needs to be shut down fast.  Not to mention, if the techs are found to be assisting in that via negligence (not doing disconnects that they signed off on that were done), that's absolutely grounds for immediate termination for falsification of records.  It's not fair to paying customers, and it causes tremendous issues with ingress (which is not fair to paying customers, again, and not fair to the hub's maintenance techs having to sweep more frequently for ingress sources, time that could be better spent elsewhere).

2.  A tech ops supervisor needs to be aware of what's going on.  

Mistakes can happen, people can have a bad day (customers or employees), but it's kind of the supervisor's role to bring some order to what could devolve into chaos if unmanaged.  It seems there's room for improvement on how things are being managed.

3.  You seem to have line noise issues that need to be addressed (ingress)

I took a bit of a gander into this and there seems to be tremendous ingress, especially  on the upstream frequencies (on the low end MHz, not something you see in your modem's logs, that's just the downstream).   This leak-driven noise needs to be isolated and stopped (if possible, sometimes in apartments the only way to do this is to get a post-wire done, which some landlords are not willing to do).   Need to check all fittings, starting right there with the lines in that lockbox. 


And yes, that does look like a lockbox for cable service, one of the big MultiLink lockboxes.  Although I must admit, I'm not used to seeing fiber optic (that's the yellow stuff) inside that lockbox.  There better also be a cover and a lock on that lockbox, or it's more of a box for things to corrode in and people to steal service from, rather than a "lockbox" lol.  Smiley Tongue


And again, with regards to a post wire, one first have to see if it's needed (it sounds like it is, but I'm guessing based on your words) and then I'll stress that it's an arrangement between the landlord of an apartment (or other MDU managed living spaces) and TWC/Charter that typically both the cable company and the landlord have to shell out money for.  

So as you might imagine, that's can be a real drag to get the ball rolling some times.  I'm saying this from experience, where TWC had to actually threaten to shut off serviceability for the entire complex that was causing terrible ingress for the node.  Or to be more accurate, FCC gave an unfavorable audit for egress for that complex and then finally that gave TWC what they needed to.  That management went bankrupt a year later and new management came in.  Have not had issues with that complex since.  Took years to get things straight, lots of patience, but it's good now.  I'm of course omitting all names to protect confidentiality, but I'm using a real-world worst-case example here.  The primary reason the landlord didn't want to do it was because the wiring was done THROUGH the bedroom closets in each of the appartments to the other units (instead of a home-run to each).
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