Issue with Ubee MODEM/Router Version 3.22.1

I am having problems with my UBEE MODEM/Router.

   The first problem is that my HP 8610 printer would be offline when I would go to print something. If I restarted the printer it would still be offline. So, I powered down the UBEE and then my print jobs printed. If I was scanning a large number of documents the printer would lose communication with the UBEE several times during the scanning job. Each time I would power down the UBEE the connection would be re-established. It got to the point that I just bought a long USB cable and connected my printer directly to my PC. This solution is not ideal since I now must leave my PC on if I want to print from another device.

   I also work for an employer who uses the same exact MODEM that I have, and they are constantly having to power down their UBEE to re-establish the wireless connection between their laptops and their printers.

   I have changed wireless channels to no avail. Like I already said I directly connected my printer to avoid the frustration of powering down the UBEE as I try to get work done.

   The other issue is as I use the Internet the connection seems to slow down to a crawl. Pages do not load. Outlook will stop downloading email or give an error saying the connection to the mail servers have been lost. As soon as I power down the UBEE and it powers back up the connection is at full speed again.

   Just to cut out a lot of unnecessary suggestions I can tell you that my PC's are malware free. I have the latest network drivers on all my devices. I have secured my router and I verified that there are no leachers on my connection.  I have also seen that the UBEE has a lot of complaints about this issue. Is there a fix for this or should I call Spectrum and ask for a new MODEM? Does Spectrum only use UBEE or is there another brand that will handle 100 Mb/s connection?

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Re: Issue with Ubee MODEM/Router Version 3.22.1

First a comment: The cause is the HP printer disconnecting whenever the printer goes to sleep.  The company who provided your printer should be able to assist you in programming the printer to remain connected by using a static IP address assignment.


Next a question:  Is the Ubee modem gateway owned by you, the subscriber, OR is the unit rented from Spectrum?  If it is rented, you may not be able to make and store changes to the DHCP setup that can minimize the HP software problem.


Re: Issue with Ubee MODEM/Router Version 3.22.1

This is a common issue and the only solution is to use a seperate modem and a router that you/ your company has total control over.

You cannot use wireless connections to HP printers reliably  unless you turn off wireless scan, lock it on a channel, set DHCP leases for a day, not an hour as well as properly set up Static and dynamic IP's. I would also recomend  ethernet to all of them.


Set dhcp start at put printers at, 98,97 etc... Do not use a last digit  of .2 to.10  some apple device have user class issues with them.


 Turn off IPv6

 if you are in a heavily congested wireless area, use ch 3 or 8 , or turn off the 2.4 gHz radio altogether and use the 5.8 gHz  only, provided all your devices have 5.8 gHz wireless radios in them.