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I have recently been notified several times that I have been upgraded to 100Mbps connection speed. So far I'm not seeing it. The best download speed I've seen is around 70 and that was back in June.  Here's data:


When             Test  Ping   Down  Up
5/30/17 1:15 PM ookla  10.0  17.94 2.52
                ookla  15.0  13.97 2.58
                tw           24.80 2.62
                tw           24.82 2.49
6/2/17 6:30 AM  tw           24.83 2.61
                ookla  10.0  21.32 2.52
                ookla  13.0  70.91 6.01
                ookla  13.0  70.71 6.07
6/4/17 10:45 AM ookla  10.0  33.08 6.07
                tw           70.99 5.95
                ookla  13.0  70.90 6.10
11/8/17 11:50 AM ookla 10.0  29.36 11.78
                ookla  22.0  19.03 10.87
                Spectrum     66.97 11.91
11/8/17 4:25 PM Spectrum     64.46 12.05
                ookla  11.0  74.74 11.98
                ookla  12.0  73.36 12.08


Re: Internet speed

Copy and paste your modems signal level and error log pages.

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Re: Internet speed

Your numbers look like starting Nov 8 you were switched to 60 down and 10 up, which is not a normal Spectrum plan.  That MIGHT be faster than what you were being billed for, but it is not 100D/10U.   For 100 down your downloads should peak at up to 117 or so.  Remember that when you are connected to the router by ethernet cable, your indicated speeds will be faster than if you use WiFi. 

Also you can't trust the accuracy of their targeted bulk mailings.  I've now received three 'We're bumping up your speed' notices and they all show different numbers.

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Re: Internet speed

A few questions to narrow things down. 

What modem are you using? Is it a company modem or your modem?
If it is your modem is it on the list of modems that will handle that speed? 


Has the modem recently been powercycled? 

If you do not believe you are receiving the speeds you should be receiving

and you are using a modem that is capable of the new speeds we encourage you 

to contact us for direct support. We can check on the account to see what 

your modem is provisioned for.


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