Internet connection dropping...again

I am in 93035. 

I have a Technicolor TC8717T.   I had posted back in Oct.

Tech replaced some connectors at the pole and checked my modems settings. Everything went well for awhile and started having issues again. then around new years (Jan 1st 2017) It was great! had no interrupts, no connection issues (That I know of anyway), everything was working great, until jan 15thish. It got worse...and ever since then it has just been going downhill.

Especially Tonight. For the last 5-6 hours I have had the most frustrating issues with staying connected. I am wired into my modem so its not wifi, altho I did check wifi with both my laptop and phone. I tried using cmd ipconfig and resetting everything, I power cycled the modem, i reset the modem to factory defualt,  I checked all the cables that I could. I kept it unplugged for about 15 minutes as I did some other things. It seems worse at night; which is bad for me since I am a night person right now. This is starting to interfer with my ability to get my art commissions finish. 

I thought I had the logs from jan but it seems I can't find the txt file when i downloaded them.


Here are tonight's logs Sorry for screenshots, it wouldnt let me copy and paste it. getting some werid error about html


Please let me know if you need anymore information. 

and of course once i start complaining about it, it hasnt disconnected. 


edit: not even 2 mins after posting this did the net go down again for 3-5 mins. The log page didnt update so i have no new info


Re: Internet connection dropping...again

Lock the wireless onto a specific channel like 3 or 8,   ch 11 is an issue


Make sure all connections are a tad more than finger tight, it looks like there's some broadcasy tv ingress and that's on the skipped channels



You should also set the dhcp start at and not use to .11 some devices are having issues there.

Make sure the dhcp lease is for a day not an hour.



Re: Internet connection dropping...again


Sorry for a late reply I ended up sleeing for 14hours.

Did what you said and switched wifi from channel 11 to 8

made sure all connections I could reach were in tight;  changed dhcp from .2 to 100

and lease time is set at 1 day.

Will report back soon


edit: Happened again here is the log

I had accidently set it to 9 and quickly changed it to 8. Also like i said my laptop is wired into the modem. (mostly cuz when im on wifi my aduio skips and yea thats annoys me so ethernet it is). 

I have tried 3 different ethernet cords to make sure it wasnt the cord itself. Also i guess i should mention that when the net goes down i can not log into the modem thru the ip address at all. I have to wait for it to come back up for me to log into it, to grab the error logs.

 edit: 949pm PST

And yet again it went down. no updates in the error log

10pm: I have decided to try and keep a log of when it goes down. So I'm going to record my deskstop as I draw to keep tabs on it. 


Re: Internet connection dropping...again

ohhh, no router?


is this in bridged mode with wireless active... that's a problem...

 Next issue is if you see interference on every channel, you need to turn off the wireless radio and plain out forget it... some of the all in ones are horrible on wireless issues and reset everything. No one recomends them, in a congested area they are useless.

 The next issue is the T3 errors... those are some sort of upstream ingress/ interference/ packet collisions and good luck getting TWC to track down or reduce them to an acceptable level.

I only get one every few weeks, if you're getting a lot in a day, that's a serious issue.





Re: Internet connection dropping...again

the modem is combo i guess; we have the phone throught it. 

I checked to make it it wasnt in bridged mode. 


I more or less slept march 10th away. My family didnt say much other than it went down one or twice but they dunno how long as they went to watch something and forgot. (They were trying to watch netflix when it went down; it was back up when they tried it again but it was several hours later. This was through a smart TV)

(I use my laptop through ethernet, everyone else uses wifi for their devices )


If it's nice tonight then I guess I'll close the topic; if not ill post another update/log. 


Error logs from the last day


Re: Internet connection dropping...again

If you have wireless interference and are set to scan, it resets the entire router which often messes up the devices connected wirelessly. Locking it onto a channel usually helps, but try to find one that doesn't indicate interference with 1-6-11 being the worst, 2,5,7,10 being adjacent to them and not any better as bandwidth overlaps. Dense housing is impossible on 2.4 gHz, try turning it off and using the 5.8 gHz provided your devices have dual band radios in them

Some wireless camera's, printers need to be on static IP's  othherwise they get lost whenever channels change.

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Re: Internet connection dropping...again

If the intermittent disconnects do not generate any error messages in the modem log, they probably are being caused by a router or WiFi issue, not something in the modem. 


It is normal for the wired LAN ports to be ignored while the modem tries to re-establish a broken internet connection.  This can also happen when the WiFi detects interference on either its assigned 2.4 or 5 GHz channels and decides to switch channels.