Internet comes and goes

Just switched from TWC and the first 24 hours have been a nightmare.  No connectivity issues with TWC, it's been down on 7 occasions since Spectrum's modem has been connected.  Help!



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Re: Internet comes and goes

Looks like a DIY install. Definitely not TWC/Spectrum!


Probably open splitter ports or old chewed up outdoor cable.

Modem must be on no splitters if you're interney only. the first 2 way splitter if you have a cable box.  I'll bet the old modem was an obsolete single channel one that would only do 15 meg speed and could handle bad levels which the new ones can't. DS levels must be between -8 and + 8 dBmv and the US should have 4 channels all below +50 dBmv. s/n sb @ 35d B or higher.

Coaxial issue, not phone fixable, get a tech out.


Re: Internet comes and goes

Thanks MsRaye.  I got to looking around today and the previous owner had a rats nest of coax. He apparently tried to run coax to every room in the house using two 4-way splitters off of the main cable line.  What a mess!  Easy fix though as I used a female-female RG6 extender on the main line directly to the modem.  All of the levels you mentioned in your post are now in parameters.  Thanks so much!  You helped me save on internet and you helped Spectrum keep a new customer!

Re: Internet comes and goes

My internet comes and goes and the speed isn't what they I would be getting alone paying , I didn't have this problem with TWC ,Spectrum had to change my refurbished box Twice and its still junk. I'm not happy with spectrum at all. I'm very unhappy with the exchange, they are no help at all, they can not understand me nor I them.

Re: Internet comes and goes

My problem is the same , I'm unhappy with spectrum, refurbished boxes and not help from the Exchange, horrible experience.
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Re: Internet comes and goes

Since the original poster says his service is working after following advice recived here, I doubt that your problems are the same as his.

Folks offering assistance here on the peer-to-peer forums are customers like you, not TWC or Spectrum employees.  We can help you try to locate your technical issues and get them fixed.  But for being unhappy with Spectrum or getting no help from Exchange you are pretty much on your own.  What the heck is Exchange, anyhow?.