Internet Issues and bad customer service

So, I had been having internet connectivity problems since Feb.  Spectrum technicians were at my home three times swapping modems and that did not resolve the problem.    They turned me over to their subcontrator Precision Broadband  for a rewire.  A work order was put in to bury a direct cable line in my yard.  This has been completed but  now I need

Precision Broadband to come back to complete the wire installation internally.   I have called and left messages for the contact name and number I was given.   My calls have not been returned.    I have had an exposed cable wire in the back of my house for two weeks.  If you live in the Dayton, Oh area this is what you can expect, bad customer service.





Re: Internet Issues and bad customer service

In house work would be done by Spectrum/ TWC, not the underground contractor.