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Re: Internet Consistently Dropping!

Yes, that was before Gilbertpro hijacked your request. Tech support does not normally close the loop back to the user forum, and they tend to just follow a script, hence MsRaye's recent comment.

Re: Internet Consistently Dropping!

I do not see any logs or anything posted of a diagnostic nature.


See the sticky post for instructions.


In the meantime, I would suggest lowering your plan and give 'unreliable service' as a reason.  I'm on the 50/5 and it's been great.


Re: Internet Consistently Dropping!

yes, I am having this problem.  I am a new customer with 100/10 internet service, but the speed does little good when the link is dropped 3-5 times per hour. Todate, three home visits after install, an RF amplifier installed, lines cables checked, and finally the modem/router replaced.  Still, no difference.  It is obvious that the problem is at their end of the line.  I would imagine that since frontier royally messed up the  change from Verizon to them, TWC has gotten a huge increase in business.  I would imagine that their systems are overloaded so they deal with it with "brown outs"


I use my connection for business.  If I dont get corrected soon, I will be looking elsewhere for a reliable INet link.


Re: Internet Consistently Dropping!

Hey there, I'm OP. I realized that I neglected to come back and update this thread, as I ended getting pretty busy and then moving to Cali for work. I'm with Spectrum out here now, but had to close out old acct and this is my new one.


Here's what happened for anyone curious - it was indeed a problem with the connectors outside. The tech said they looked ancient, like they came with the building old. He mentioned one wasn't properly all the way hooked in, and that might have been also creating some signal noise. In the end, having that replaced made all the difference for the time I had left. I was able to a more solid connection after all that struggling. I only wish someone would have come out and checked the outside stuff a lot sooner. Sometimes, it really IS something else going on.


As for the new place, my connection is pretty steady and solid, so I don't have any complaints.

Hope yours is solved soon. Good luck!