Intermittent disconnects and slow speeds in general [Austin 78701]


Downstream 124603.00 MHz-0.20 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM106119875133280491146970
Downstream 22471.00 MHz-0.50 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM56730113115006507496
Downstream 33477.00 MHz-0.60 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM57069215816098525010
Downstream 44483.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM58355527207360555327
Downstream 55489.00 MHz-0.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM56904252716544549701
Downstream 66495.00 MHz-0.40 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM58391942597702575705
Downstream 77501.00 MHz-0.60 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM56307718258096586480
Downstream 88507.00 MHz-0.50 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM58340862457943612704
Downstream 99513.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM54953458738484608619
Downstream 1010519.00 MHz-0.70 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM557088316010999623582
Downstream 1111525.00 MHz-0.20 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM58006040599676619952
Downstream 1212531.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM566801048410658629436
Downstream 1313537.00 MHz-0.50 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM55386710909175644445
Downstream 1414543.00 MHz-0.90 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM57642818906153637257
Downstream 1515549.00 MHz-1.10 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM57331035076272602331
Downstream 1616555.00 MHz-1.10 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM57369343848284633821
Downstream 1717561.00 MHz-1.40 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM630566871211030652637
Downstream 1818567.00 MHz-0.90 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM625518753110706644345
Downstream 1919573.00 MHz-1.20 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM627692841514726677455
Downstream 2020579.00 MHz-0.90 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM626128606716076672456
Downstream 2121585.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM620418349819704699004
Downstream 2222591.00 MHz-0.40 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM628256442116011689256
Downstream 2323597.00 MHz0.00 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM62617171246372699623
Downstream 241465.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM5495922509236155917091
Reset FEC Counters


 UCIDFreqPowerChannel TypeSymbol RateModulation
Upstream 1223.90 MHz43.00 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 2436.90 MHz44.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 3330.40 MHz44.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 4119.00 MHz42.50 dBmVDOCSIS1.x (TDMA)2560 kSym/s16QAM

Status page up/downstream info posted above. Started service roughly a month ago or so, and been getting a lot of intermittent connection issues. Video conferencing, gaming, etc will intermittently lock up for a few seconds then go back to normal. Speed test usually is usually well below 300mbps even though I have 400mbps service.


Actually had another occurrence while typing this out and it created 5 events in the modem's event log.


Level 5 RCS Partial Service

Level 3 SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync

Level 5 RCS Partial Service

Level 3 SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync

Level 5 Lost MDD Timeout


Which seems to be a common pattern of events elsewhere in the event log. I've checked coax connections from the wall to modem and reset the modem etc, but no improvements.


Re: Intermittent disconnects and slow speeds in general [Austin 78701]

Now seem to be receiving 


TLV-11 - Illegal Set operation failed;


Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;


event logs which cause the modem to reset completely.