Intermittent Connection Issues on Motorola SBG6580



It is unfortunate I am writing today. I've been having intermittent connectivity issues for over 1.5 months now (the entirety of signing up for your service), and I've tried everything. I have a Motorola SBG6580 gateway modem and receive endless T3/T4 errors.


Here is a list of things I have tried with my Motorola SBG6580, based on research online and discussions with TWC representatives:


  1. Reset all my hardware.
  2. Endless calls with customer service.
  3. Numorous calls with technical support.
  4. Escalated calls with technical support.
  5. Talked with Motorola representatives.
  6. Have 2 technicians come in and check in on the connection (inside and outside).
  7. Bridged my modem and *bought* a new router to see if that was the issue.
  8. Asked technical support to manually update my SBG6580 firmware (currently at
  9. Called Tier3 service, but was hung-up on after being sent to voicemail.

Is there anybody in the entire company who can help me with my connection problem? After speaking with another escalated technical support representative tonight (for over an hour), he has scheduled me for another technician visit. Why would this technician perform any differently than the other 2?


And no, nobody has been able to show that the problem lies within the modem. I used the modem for ~1.5 years with no problems on another ISP, but as soon as I moved over to TWC, I started having connection problems.


Why would this modem be listed as an accepted modem for on the TWC website, if it's going to cause so much grief and stress to get to work? I'm not sure if there was an issue with the way my modem was provisioned or with the firmware or what, but I need someone who knows something. I'm sick of running in the textbook-based TWC customer service circles. This is truly unacceptable.


Has anybody found a fix for this issue? Or has anybody else had the same problem with a Motorola SBG6580 and eventually found a fix? Even if it's different than what can help with my situation, I'd love to hear *actual* cases where TWC was able to fix an issue with the Motorola SBG6580.


Thank you.


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This is sort of related. Six week ago, I upgraded to TWC Wireless Internet Modem. Because I have several internet capable devices connected through a third (Cisco) party wireless router and media connectors, I wanted to eliminate a device in the path. This was a very poor decision, not only did I loose signal strength to my wireless devices but started having disconnect problems and internet not available. I also, started having lockup and video failures on my primary computer that was hardline connected to the TWC Modem. Once I physically disabled the wireless capability on the Motherboard, all the failures disappeared. Re-enabling the wireless capability caused the failures to re-occur. Please note that I never enable the wireless connection via the Network Center and I have never used it when the Cisco wireless router was connected. I called TWC to have them disable the wireless aspect of the modem and reconnected my Cisco router. All failures have disappeared and all signal strength and disconnect problems with my other wireless devices have also disappeared.

TWC needs to take a second look at the Surfboard SBG6580 modem. Either the one I have is very bad or the model is bad.

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Re: Intermittent Connection Issues on Motorola SBG6580

Our apologize for the ongoing service issues. Our Social Media would be happy to further investigate this. They can be reached via email at


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I'm in the same bloody boat. I've been without internet for several days, and I still have several more until my apointment to "fix" it. Assuming it isn't mysteriously cancelled (again...). I've had non stop hassels with Timewarner since I moved to Cincinnati. I'm getting ready to switch. Especially if the price goes up.


Re: Intermittent Connection Issues on Motorola SBG6580

Yea, it's pretty terrible.


And it doesn't help that customer service representatives lie to me about making notes on my account, regarding my issue. Every time I call in, even if I provide a case number, they ask me for the information again. He even said he was writing down notes, putting me on-hold, but when the Tier 3 representative looked at the appointment, there were no notes for the technician at all.


Well, now I'm waiting for a Tier 3 technician to show up, since the Tier 3 phone support couldn't/wouldn't help me solve my problem. If this technician can't solve the problem, the Tier 3 phone representative told me they'll then escalate my issue to someone who will help me. How many escalations must I endure?


In any case, I really hope this Tier 3 technician will solve the problem. But first, he needs to show up! There's only 10 minutes left in his appointment window... Will keep you updated.


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Here's an update:


The technician ended up showing outside the appointment window, but at least he came.


He looked around, but couldn't find anything wrong with the modem. So, he went up to the roof and went through and re-wired the entire connection from the roof cable box back into my apartment. We're still currently using the same interior wiring as was there when I moved in.


Since he's been here, I've had 1 T3 error in about 3 hours, which is much better than the T3/T4 errors I'd receive every 5-15 minutes before.


I will let you know if it works and fixes the whole situation. Also, I will try it with my bridged SBG6580 + router and separately with my SBG6580 in gateway mode (with no additional router).


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Been in the same boat (since I signed up for services as well). If you end up finding a solid solution, please keep us all posted. So far we've had two tech visits and numerous phone calls/chats as well, both techs said our signals looked right on par and couldn't figure out why we were having so many drops.. other then some type of signal interference. All of the phone chats I've had were pretty pointless tbh, same old song and dance. I get the drops whether I'm plugged in direct or have the wireless enabled. Worth noting I'm also on the SBG6580. Both techs have tried swapping out the modem. Our old one was the SB5101, which was replaced once before the new tech tried the 6580. Have you tried using a modem that isn't Motorola by chance? I've done a little digging online and heard from a few others that said once they picked up a Netgear they stopped experiencing the drops. (Something about the latest firmware not being supported by TWC and the like. I'm still fairly new at this so, I don't know how credible that is.) I'm going to try swapping mine out next time I have time to make the long trek down to the TWC Store and see if it helps. Hope you find a solution. Smiley Happy

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@sturmtrooper, I think you should call in and ensure the next technician to come out to your place is a Tier 3 technician. You actually have to request it when you speak with the representative. They are usually much more knowledgable about the situations - and if my last experience was any indication, much more willing to do what it takes to fix it.

What is the firmware version on your 6580? If it's, it should be working fine.

Before you buy a new modem, I'd recommend you have the tech re-wire *everything*. One of the techs who came out before only rewired a bit at the top, removing one of the splitters, but it didn't work, but the Tier 3 tech rewired everything - which seemed to have worked.

Also, unless your wireless connection's bad, the whole signal interference thing seems to be quite bogus. It should be quite apparent to you if it's a wireless issue... Now I need to go return my router.

Re: Intermittent Connection Issues on Motorola SBG6580



So far, things look good. I actually haven't had a T3/T4 error since yesterday, which is definitely a record. This is all while it was bridged with a separate router.


I've now done a factory reset on my SBG6580 to see if it will continue to work as a gateway - without a separate router. If this works, I'll return my router to get my $50 back.


Also, I should note the technician who came by to actually fix it was a Tier 3 technican (actually had to explicitly request him), and although he tried to leave before re-wiring everything (saying another tech has to come out), I asked him to try, and he did. He said he acknowledged it was a problem from TWC's side, and apologized for all the inconvenience. Essentially what was happening was that the cable from the box on the roof to inside my apartment was damaged, creating frequent fluctuations in signal strength. The SBG6580 is sensitive to such fluctuations, resulting in the intermittancy.


Because the fault wasn't on my modem (which many customer service reps tried to say was the problem), I called TWC to receive a credit for my terrible service. They complied after I explained the situation and credited me for the poor experience.


Posting this with my SBG6580 as a gateway. I will post another update later to let you know if it's fixed or not. I'm hoping after all those stressful hours, this is finally the end.


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I'll definitely be trying that, if I can get someone to come out. I always thought it was an exaggeration, but it really is like pulling teeth to get a tech visit scheduled, let alone Tier 3. Going to have to heavily press the issue. Just for the heck of it I tried initiating a Chat Session again last night and (of course) same old speech and an ending of "You should not experience this issue again" with the problem persisting minutes after power cycling. I mentioned the firmware as a possibility and they'd said "firmware is automatically updated to the very latest upon activating the modem" and that it essentially wasn't a concern. After all of that I was frustrated enough that I just said heck with it and drove down to the TWC store after work today. They apparently don't carry anything other then the SBG6580 for 50/5, so they exchanged it for another to see if it helped. This one is currently running SBG6580- >.<

So far it hasn't had any complete modem reboots, whereas before it was just about every hour. Though I have gotten some pretty hefty lag spikes that were enough to drop game connections. Definitely seems like it could be something on the lines. Or a combination of things? I think it's just so frustrating because after 2 tech visits, 3 web chats, 4 modems, and several phone calls later.. it's still an issue. It's enough to give anyone a sour taste in their mouths when they think about TWC (as much as I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt).  

Glad to hear it seems to be getting sorted out on your end though. At least if one of us can find a resolution, it gives me a little more hope.