Insufficient network speed

“Insufficient network speed for uninterrupted play back at this quality”

Thanks spectrum, I mean Time Warner cable. Way to ensure that I appreciate my UHD TV.

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Re: Insufficient network speed

Is this just a general "you suck" venting session or would you like some possible help with the underlying problem?


I can only assume you're running a smart tv, Roku, whatever over wifi, right? What internet package do you subscribe to? What speeds do you actually get when wired? Speeds when wifi? Where is your router in comparison to the device you're referring to? Does you coax line get split before the modem?

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Re: Insufficient network speed

In addition, you might want to post modem signal level / diagnostics / error logs...


Re: Insufficient network speed

Put an antenna on the set and enjoy real HD, not the compressed cable version...