I do not have enough bandwidth

And, NOW I'm getting messages from Amazon streaming and Netflix that I do not have enough bandwidth to use their services!  


If you are in NY, our Attorney General wants to hear from you!  In this article (link below) you can test your speed, take a screen shot and send it directly to the NY AG for data that may lead to exposing criminal business practices!  




Hope New Yorkers will do this! 

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Re: I do not have enough bandwidth

Good morning. 

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If you are having messages from Amazon and Netflix that you do not have enough bandwidth there is a problem with your connectivity.


We encourage you to post information about your connection. Speeds, tests you have

done and on what devices. You can find information on 

what you can post to help your community peers to help you to diagnose the issue here: 



Your modem (displaying as a customer owned modem) is not providng me access to the modem logs. Please post those here if possible. Also not getting a reading of the RX levels.


You are using your own router? Are you able to bypass that device to test the speeds directly at the modem? Are you having problems on multiple devices? 


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Re: I do not have enough bandwidth

While you are collecting the information that Julia requested, you might also consider telling forum readers what all has transpired before your ominous opening phrase "And, NOW..." 


In general you may need up to 15 Mbps for each HD video stream, plus additional bandwidth for every other device connected to the router by either ethernet cable or WiFi.  So the standard Spectrum 60 Mbps offering for new subscribers should be more than adequate.