How do i use my own modem and router??

I apologize beforehand but I am extremely frustrated with TWC. I am trying to get a reliable connection using my own modem and router. When I hook directly in to the modem with a patch cable, I get the eact speed that I'm paying for. However, If I attempt to hook up my wireless Dlink router to the modem, my speeds diminish by roughly 75%. I even went out and bought a new router. Same thing!! I thought it had something to do with the wireless so I separated the modem and router from any interference - I even seperated the mome FROM the router. That didn't do any good. I even tried connecting with a cable to my router. Still the same lousy speeds so it doesn't seem to be the wireless. I had time warner at my old house and experienced the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with a different modem and router. The only time I've been successful with getting my full connection speed through wireless is when I pay the monthly fee and get time warners modem AND wireless router. I've even been talking to people on my street and they all have the same problem. None of them are able to by their own router and put it behind time warners modem. This is beyond frustrating. I refuse to pay 10 dollars a month to "rent" time warners equipment. There has to be something I am missing here. My parents also have time warner but they have a much higher end modem and they are using a rather old Dlink wireless router. They have no problems. PLEASE help. Time Warner Support is useless. They keep telling me that it is something with my router and refuse to help any further.


Re: How do i use my own modem and router??

Have you tried cloning your computer's MAC address to the router?


Not sure what D-Link you are using, but this is for a DIR-615. Some models it may be in the Tools Section.


Be sure to connect the computer that was used to set up the modem to the router. With the router disconnected from the modem,



In the Dynamic IP (DHCP) Internet Connection Type  box, you will see a line labelled MAC Address. Below this is a button marked Clone MAC Address.

Push the Button and click Save Settings.

Reboots the router..


Turn the router OFF and disconnect the computer..

Connect the router to the to the modem and turn the router back on.

Connect the computer.

You should have internet.



This copies (clones) the MAC Address of the computer to the router. The router will then use that address to talk to the modem.


Two years ago, I had a problem with a Belkin router (free as part of the package) suddenly not working with the Arris modem from InsightBB. After about 2 hours with Insight and Belkin support, this was the only thing that worked.