False Advertising-Terrible Slow Internet Speeds

IM So FRUSTRATED WITH SPECTRUM!! I came from a state where I could only get 20MBPS and I could stream all my shows better than I can now. I have been on the Spectrum 100MBPS for 30 days. I've called because of buffering everyday!!! Today I finally Gave up and upgraded to 300 MBPS PRO thinking that I couldn't possibly have problems at that speed!!! AND... IT'S ACTUALLY worse than before!! I've been on the phone ALL aftrenoon because im only getting 80MBPS now on there speed test instead of 300 MBPS and In still can't stream movies! 

This is false advertising. We need to start a Class Action Lawsuit. What am i paying $100 a month for. They must be throttling illegally or they haven't updated their equipment to be able to handle the speeds they are claiming. I've NEVER seen such terrible ISP in my life!  How can we make them fix it?!!  CHANGE WONT COME WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE!!


Re: False Advertising-Terrible Slow Internet Speeds

This is peer to peer support, copy and paste the modems signal level and error log pages.

Is this on a wired connection and are all the backround aps like cloud, sync, onedrive, dropbox turned off?

what router are you using?


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Re: False Advertising-Terrible Slow Internet Speeds

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What were the results of the testing and the phone call you made? Upgrading to a higher speed when you are experiencing trouble at a lower speed is not going to solve the underlying issues with the connection. Have you had a technician to the home to investigate the slow speeds issue? Was this a self install or had you had a technician out to install this? Do you have video service with us as well? If so do you see problems with that service also? Do you use a splitter for the equipment if you do have multiple services or do they each have dedicated coaxial outlets? 


Some items to post for assistance with your connectivity issue can be found here: 




If you will provide additional details we would be happy to help. 



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