Employee Account Adding a Modem

Hello, my father works for Spectrum and I'm attempting to add a second modem (for only internet) to our account. I'm having some difficulty doing this as it seems that nobody I have spoken to via chat or on the phone is able to modify the account.


If anyone has been in this same situation or similar, could you please point me in the right direction on how to proceed? I can't seem to find too much via Google unfortunately.


Thank you so much for your time.


Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

There is no need to add a second modem to the account.. Get the first one working properly and into a decent router.



Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

I would highly recommend speaking with your father, as account changes can not be made by phone reps. Tickets need to be set up internally, by the employee, to make changes to service.

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Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

And as MsRaye pointed out, if the family account already has internet service, you can add a router with multiple ethernet ports to add additional wired and/or WiFi device connections.  Just remember that the connection must have sufficient capacity to support all devices operating at the same time (they might need a speed increase).


Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

or create a second account... Only way to run 2 modems. You will probbly need and want a second line run in from the street as well. Most areas can't support 2 modems and other devices on the same drop.

The new account will be spectrum at $59 a month for 60/5 service


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Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

Any MODEM has to have a dedicated internet service. So if you want to add that second modem to function alongside the current one, it needs its own internet service. And for that, your father would need to add a second line of internet to his employee plan - something he has to approve of via a specific process.

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Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

i help many people cord cut and add modems to their accounts for them,

so here's how you can do it (that dad works at spectrum will not matter)


get a recent copy of your dad's spectrum bill.  

if he's paperless, you will need the login : password for his account.

call the number on the bill during regular m-f 9-5 business hours.

follow the billing area prompts to add service to your account

once you get a human, tell them you want to add your modem

they will ask verification questions - all information is on the bill

including the 4-digit security code.

once they are satisfied you are "authorized" they will forward the

call to a modem provisioning person who will want the model

and serial number on the modem and it will get added and active.


now here's where it gets tricky.  spectrum is a total mess still,

so while they won't screw up your old modem, they will screw up

how your new modem was actually provisioned - like every time.

so when you are ready to physically connect the new modem,

again, only do it 9-5 m-f, so if it's messed up, you can get support

to put you on with a teir-3 local guy who can properly configure it.

don't waste your time with the indian teir-1 guys as they are not

authorized to do anything to your modem besides rebooting it.


caution: if your dad's old modem was also hosting an ip phone number

you MUST migrate that number off his account BEFORE a new modem.


suggestion: if you are replacing the modem to avoid the wifi charge

you can simply call charter teir-3 and have them put your modem into 

bridge mode and disable any wifi radios in their old modem.

this way even though you are using their equipment, the $5 wifi fee is waived,

and you can use whatever router you own off the old charter modem.

only do this while at the old modem as they may ask you to factory reset it.


follow-up: within the month of a modem change pay close attention to your billing

as charter is again, a total screw up still, and someone along the way may have

changed various billing codes on your account that contradict each other, etc.

so just make sure you are getting billed what you expected, nothing more.

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Re: Employee Account Adding a Modem

If the change is to take place on an employee account it does need to be 

handled by a specific group. The employee needs to initiate the change

with this group. 


Our call center/chat agents are not allowed or able to make any changes

to the account. 


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