Re: Email from Spectrum re Upgrade to Modem?

I also have my own 6183 and 200/20 service - and it has worked fine for a long time - getting +- 230 / 23 normally. Same specs as the prior poster.


I usually power down my network every night, including my modem and router.


Is there any "danger" to powering up from midnight to 6 am for the required 4-6 week period if no update is truly available for my modem ?


Do I really need an "upgrade" ?


I assume that the Modem Product Information page at will show a change in the "Software Version" if and when this "upgrade" occurs ?

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Re: Email from Spectrum re Upgrade to Modem?

Hi @falcon04!



We do need to have that modem powered on to push the firmware. 


Spectrum is working with vendors to improve the user’s experience. The firmware upgrade ensures that new features, improvements, and fixes are available in a timely manner. These are usually ‘behind the scenes’ improvements that are not readily visible to you.


In order to give you the best customer experience and ensure that our suite of products and services are fully functioning, Spectrum requires your device to maintain a certain level of coding standards. To adhere to these coding standards, we require that your device receives the firmware.


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Re: Email from Spectrum re Upgrade to Modem?

LOL,Woman LOL it doesn't matter, the CMTS will push new firmware the next time the modem is powered up! Just as if you bought a new modem, even before it's activated.... As soon as it's connected to the coax, it will get provisioned and updated to work on the cable system. It's how docsis works and what you agreed to when you bought the modem and connected it.

It's why alll in ones are a really bad idea and plagued with issues for any sort of advanced setup.

 It's pretty hard to screw up a modem only

The last update removed the words motorola and changed them to ARRIS and blocked the online reboot option that was not an issue