Desktop computer no internet

So my in laws have a dell desktop and have time warner cable as their internet provider. Recently Time warner came to their house because they were having internet problems and gave them a brand new modem/router Technicolor TC8717T modem.

Their laptop is connected wirelessly and gets internet but the desktop is connected directly via Ethernet and has no internet access.

I assume it's a driver issue but cannot find the driver for this modem on the technicolor website. Any help would be appreciated.

They have a windows OS but I can't remember what version.

Re: Desktop computer no internet

Drivers are not used for the modem. Only for the ethernet ports on the computer.


Open the control panel

select network connections

selecet the ethernet one, try to do a repair connection or a disable then re-enable.

Is it sucessfull?'

If not, go into support options, select tcpIp and make sure "detect settings automaticly" is checked and not a static ip.