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CONSTANT Ping spikes and internet outages

Every day I will get constant ping spikes when playing any online game, and this will go on for many minutes, and also the internet will go out completely by itself, and then reconnect eventually. This happens multiple times a day, every day. Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: CONSTANT Ping spikes and internet outages

Would help if you could post signal data and logs from your modem's admin pages. There is a sticky further up the forums providing info on the details that are handy for troubleshooting.

Based on what you are describing though, it sounds like it may be the usual case of signal being too weak/noisy.

A few things to check for:

If the modem can't provide a clear/strong enough signal back to the plant, it keeps notching power level up until it reaches a threshold and then reboots automatically. If you see upstream power levels getting higher than 49, it is usually a clear indicator of line quality issues. There are other tell-tale signs on the downstream side as well... just that upstream power level is an easier one to spot.

Double check all the coax connection points through out the home. There should not be any live jacks/cables that do not have a device connected to them--either an actual electronic device, or a termination cap. An open cable, jack, or splitter port is like a micro antenna... a potential source of noise that can affect the entire cabling system on your node. That is right... not just for your household, but potentially your neighbors as well. I have actually had to go to a neighbor before because the tech suspected it was her line, and we indeed found issues in her unit (condo complex).

Also verify the connectioms are clean and snug... not torqued up, just slightly more than finger tight. Open them up, verify it is dry inside, not corroded up, and the copper wire looks "shiny". Don't want any moisture in there and we need to ensure clean connections... the resistance needs to remain constant through the cable runs or you can get strange signalling issues.

Also check how the cables are run... want them to be as straight as possible, without too much length--sharp kinks, or lots of coiled up coax can present some weirdness as well.

Just a few of the more common things to look for as a starting point that can lead to potential remedies. Once someone can get a look at actual signal levels/logs, more ideas will likely surface.