Best Modem/Router Combo?

Any recommendations on the best AC modem/router combo? Have the TWC supplied Arris 1672, and range is very poor with the Extreme 30 MBS package, and $8 lease fee.

Looking at Netgear C6300 or Arris 6183 that TWC rep at Best Buy recommended. 

Any thoughts on the Zoom 5363?

Prices range from $170 (Zoom) to $194 (Arris) to $229 (Netgear). Assuming Amazon is the best source.



Re: Best Modem/Router Combo?

Best Buy has the SB6183 for $150 (where I bought mine).  I love my Apple TimePort Extreme Time Capsule (AC).  I get 57/7 over wireless on a 50/5 plan.



Re: Best Modem/Router Combo?

Are you paying for phone?

If so, you can't buy an all in one to replace the 1672, You'll need to use a TWC modem for the phone, a 2 way splitter and your own modem for internet. Hopefully an additional splitter doesn't create any level issues (post your signal level pages please)


What service are you paying for and where are you? At 30/5 or slower a 6183 is overkill as you'll never get a free upgrad above 100/10 and only need an 8x4 bonding modem




Re: Best Modem/Router Combo?

Modem and Router selection

redrock in Austin, Tx