5 hour downtime

I've never had this problem in my entire time with Time Warner before spectrum. The longest downtime I've ever had with Time Warner was about 25 minutes. Shortly after becoming Spectrum, boom, 5 hour downtime. No effort to fix it in a timely fashion at all. I called Spectrum 9 hours after the downtime and they say they are still experiencing connection issues and an investigation is ongoing. I've had Charter before in a different state and experienced similar downtimes (8-10 hours, sometimes up to 24). 

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Re: 5 hour downtime

Here is a great link for things to post to get some help from your peers.




We have several participants who are very skilled with connectivity problems,

im sure they would be happy to look into this with you. 


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Re: 5 hour downtime

see if you have a loss of internet or a loss of signal.. What are the modem lights doing?

If US or DS are flashing, that's a signal level issue like a cut/ damaged cable and the signal and error log pages will help me see if something is marginal. Only if 4 or more customers call in problems on your node will TWC /spectrum admit there's a problem


 If lights are normal, but there's 404 errors (loss of internet connectivity) that's out in TWCs  or RR's infrastructure routing and why TWC/ Spectrum is admitting there's a problem.