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what channels are on tier 1

what channels are on tier 1 and what channels are on tier 2



Re: what channels are on tier 1

Where are you? Enter your zip code into the guides channel finder... No two areas are the same...

No one here has a clue but all customers must get the local and govt access channels as part of the lowest tier( the old starter cable tier...) TWC/ Spectrum is a hodge podge of programming unlike Dish and DirecTv which have nationwide lineups  other than the local channels.




Spectrum Employee

Re: what channels are on tier 1

Just to help so there's no confusion: they are called "Digi1" and "Digi2" in short by employees.


As far as what channels are in what for what zipcode, best thing I can suggest is check the channel lineup.  They had some major inconsistencies when it was launched at the start of this year, but as the months have gone by they've done pretty well at getting any errors ironed out.


So this is the best resource:

(and then choose "Digital Tier 1" or "Digital Tier 1" from the orange-yellow drop down menu to filter the list down to just those)

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