spectrum choice

I reviewed the form for Spectrum choice today.  It's a start but does not meet my family's needs.  Suggestions:

#1.)  If BBC World news and the Weather channel are available in both the 10 channel choice and in the sports, news, and more add on package, why aren't CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news available in the news add on package?

#1A.) Why are sports combined with news in the add on package?  I never watch sports but watch lots of news, why aren't there separate packages?

#1B.) Why is BBC America listed under news?  Dr Who is great, but it isn't journalism!


#2.) A 20 channel choice option from the same list would meet my family's viewing needs with the news package.  Perhaps a $40.00 20 channel a la carte option could be made available.



Re: spectrum choice

That's a good idea!


I have several co-workers that say Spectrum TV Choice would meet their needs IF it included 15-20 choice channels, depending on the individual one I'm talking to.


However, since the Spectrum TV Choice regular price for locals, public access, Music Choice + 10 choice channels is $21.99/mo, I think a better price point for all that plus 20 choice channels would be $33.99 or $34.99/mo.


That's just my opinion...