recordings on DVR not programs recorded

I recorded a complete series of programs beginning at 9:30 this morning and ending at 6:00 tonight.  A total of 8 episodes. I went to the DVR menu under "recorded" and the series was listed as having recorded 8 episodes.  When I went to watch I clicked on the series and On Demand episodes for 36 episodes came up! I waited 3 weeks for the series to air on regular TV because one episode was not offered on demand and although the DVR Recorded menu lists 8 episodes only the 7 On Demand episodes are listed along with the first 4 seasons of the series which have not been recorded to DVR! I have to navigate through the listings to get to what was recorded on the DVR!

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Re: recordings on DVR not programs recorded



I apologize for any frustration.  I included a link to Video Support.  If you still need assistance, please contact us by direct message at Forums_Help.


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