Why no MASN

I recently switched over to Spectrum TV from Directv and didn't realize Spectrum doesn't carry the MASN (Mid Atlantic Sports Network). I will probably switch back as I really enjoyed the programming. 

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Sorry for the frustration.  Here is a link to complete a Channel Request.  


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I actually found the link after I posted and submitted my request. I know Spectrum can't provide every channel people request but for customers which live in the mid-atlantic region the MASN channels are critical if you are  a Wash Nats or Balt O's baseball fan. Without access to MASN you are 100% locked out from watching live baseball for either club. You are even blacked out from subscribing to MLB for streaming service. 


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TWC and MASN could never reach a carriage agreement. TWC wanted to carry MASN as part of Sports Pass and MASN wanted to be a basic cable channel.