When will TWC get Epix?

When will the Epix channel become available? I read several articles that TWC signed a NEW multiyear agreement with Viacom that will include the Epix channel. Here is one article:


Re: When will TWC get Epix?

Just from my own experience when TWC added Showtime Anytime access. That took several months one the deal was set. In this case TWC may be adding a new Epix on demand channel as well as access online so I'd suspect anywhere from 3 to 5 months out. Hopefully that's max time but don't quote me on that.

Re: When will TWC get Epix?

I'm sure there's a lot of back end provisioning and tuning that has to go on before they're able to send the channel out.


Re: When will TWC get Epix?

On or about March 18, 2014 we will launch EPIX East on channel 590, EPIX East HD on channel 595, EIPX on channel 591, EPIX HD on channel 596, EPIX 2 on channel 592, EPIX 2 HD on channel 597, EPIX 3 on channel 593, EPIX 3 HD on channel 598, EPIX On Demand on channel 594, and EPIX Drive-In on channel 599. These services will be offered to our subscribers on an a la carte basis. In addition, Time Warner Cable will temporarily make EPIX East, EPIX East HD, EPIX, EPIX HD, EPIX 2, EPIX 2 HD, EPIX 3, EPIX 3 HD, EPIX On Demand, and EPIX Drive-In available to all Digital subscribers on or about March 18, 2014 for three months. These channels may contain PG, PG–13, TV–14, TVMA and R rated programs.