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Want Dayton Channel 2 WDTN back

I've been with Time Warner/Spectrum for 20 years. When Spectrum took over, we lost Dayton NBC Channel 2 WDTN.  It was my favorite channel.  Now we have a Cincy channel.  It constantly breaks into programming with every little so called   "Big News" item.   Also, I live closer to Dayton, not Cincy.  I want the Dayton news.   I also miss the local show Living Dayton.   I hear a lot of people on my neighborhood site that want Channel 2 back.   How can we bring it back?

Thank you!

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Re: Want Dayton Channel 2 WDTN back

It's typically more complicated than that.ou'll


Although I live physically closer to Scranton, PA, I get my networks from New York City.  Typically your local networks come from the TV market assigned to you by your DMA.  It might not be the "closest" market, but the one that is assigned to you.


In addition, you're likely only to receive one feed per network, unless you happen to be in a market which has "significantly viewed stations" from out-of-market.


Does this new Cincinnati station replace the Dayton station?  Or did you formerly have both and one was dropped?  In an effort to keep retransmission fees down, Spectrum may have dropped the duplicate network feed, or went with the one which costs less.


What can you pick up with an antenna?


Re: Want Dayton Channel 2 WDTN back

I live in Dayton and did not lose WDTN when I changed to Spectrum. Did you try contacting customer service ?