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Does anyone know what the variety pass is?  It is a $3.00 charge on my bill.  Chat says it is something to help view digital channels but that was all they could tell me.



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I thought it was a non-descript group of channels like Encore, Smithsonian, IMC...



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Hello clandon,

Thank you for your question. The Variety Pass is a channel package, often required for certain packages or bundles to be valid. The exact channels included depends on the area you have service in. Please see the link below to our channel lineups. Then enter your zip code, and you can view what channels exactly are included in the Variety Pass. (Some areas do not have just a "Variety Pass", it is divided between two packages, Digital Red tier and Digital Blue tier.)


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Sorry dylan, but that page shows "Starter tv" "standard tv" and "preferred tv"

Starter tv is the old "must carry" major networks and PBS, pretty much the same as what 'you'd pickup on an outside antenna

Standard is the ntsc channels 2-95 as you'd pickup with your tv set to cable and no cable box, however, those ntsc channels are being deleted to add more qam internet bandwidth, forcing all customers to buy or lease encrypted qam boxes of some sort.

 Preferred requires you to have a QAM cable box or cable card supporting twc's encryption...

 You don't see a variety package lineup unless you click onto those channel numbers on your cable box


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So...I'm being charged 7 get the same channels that I was getting before but in a different location?

I don't get it.

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To the best of my knowledge.  This is what I have, but I can only go by my local division, (Metro-Wisconsin) as an example:


Digital Variety (Now called Variety Pass)  is a package that is the main crux of Digital TV service.  A good 250-300 channels are included in this mainstream tier and it is automatically included as part of all Triple Play Services. (Cable, Internet, and Phone) Consult your local TWC Division for specific information.. Channels associated with this package will be the same.  Prices won't go up because of the name change.


It is important to understand that Digital Variety or Variety Pass gives you all channels PLUS anything below that level of service.  If you think of the Digital Variety Pass as a top down tier, it would go like this:


Digital Variety Pass-Between 200-300 channels.  A part of all Triple Play Packages and the most variety of stations.  Box Required


Starter TV- Local Broadcast Stations and perhaps a few public access channels.  Like having no cable, but without an antenna. Can get with no box.


Standard TV- Standard cable, typically channels 2-99.  Should be able to get with no box.


Digital Preferred- About 150 Digital Channels.  A box might be required for some stations.


Any HD channels for which you currently subscribe to its SD counterpart.  Need for box depends on the station.


Music Choice-Not sure if you need a box or not for Music Choice Channels.  I don't think you need a box, could depend on the configuration.


VOD Demand-Box required


PPV -Box required


Note however, that Digital Variety Pass gives you that excellent 200-250 channel selection, but does NOT include a small amount of premium packages, such as:


TWC Sports Pass

TWC Movie Pass

No Premium Channels

No HDTV Plus Package

Digital Choice


Those channel packages remain optional.  Some channels are moving on to Digital Variety Pass  in addition to the four optional packages above for better distribution.  For example in the Metro-Milwaukee Market and most Midwest regions,  Independent Film Channel (IFC) from Movie Pass goes to Digital Variety Pass in December.  Smithsonian Channel from HD Plus goes to Digital Variety Pass.  Subs will also be able to watch the channels on their current package placements after the changeover as well.




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If you're only paying $3, you are getting a GOOD DEAL.... This tier is $10.99/mo here in NE OH... I just cancelled the Variety Pass Plus, which you would think includes the Variety Pass due to their package name, but it doesn't! The Variety Pass Plus was just a bunch of nonsense channels that I don't need!! Everyone check your bill, new things pop up all the time!


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What are the nonsense channels you refer to? When I go to the Time Warner site, it does not provide details on Variety Pass Plus. I only know I am paying for it !! We are trying to identify how to cut back on this very expensive visitor in our house.


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Yes I too would like to trim down the channels, and I am paying for this Variety Pass thing, which could not be explained properly. I was asking customer service to tell me specifically what channels are part of this Variety Pass, they could not tell me what they are. How could I know if I need these channels or not if they can't tell me specifically what these are???


I can't experiment on this, because if I have it cancelled, then I see I need the channels part of the Variety Pass, the reconnection fee might increase from what I am paying now.


Please advice on this... Thank you .


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another thing, I was chatting with TRENT customer service chat, I was asking about this and he cut me off the chat because he could not explain this Variety Pass.