Upset with service

Been encountering poor customer service through chat and over the phone. We have been losing channels like chiller and esquire, yet our billing amount remains the same. Customer service has been poor and we are upset.
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Re: Upset with service

My apologies for the poor experience, @sjv1985.  Chiller's & Esquire's programming is no longer available, we apologize for the inconvenience.  You may always put in a channel request HERE.


Spectrum strives to carry programming that our customers value. Due to the tremendously wide spectrum of programming tastes held by our customers, we receive numerous requests for many different types of programming content. When we get such requests, we discuss the feasibility of offering the services in question. These discussions involve the consideration of a number of factors, including demand, diversity and cost. While the goal is always for these discussions to produce a result that is well received by all of our customers, it is understandable that such a result is not always possible. We assure you, however, that we do make every effort to create as diverse a programming lineup as possible.


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