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Two Local Channels to Add in HD for Los Angeles

The two local channels I am asking to be added in HD are currently only carried in SD, but both broadcast over the air in 720p HD.


They first channel is PBS member KLCS. On my lineup in zip code 90024, this is channels 3 and 1222.


The second channel is Spanish-language independent KBEH. This is channels 63 and 1239.


I used the channel request form for this, but got nowhere, which is why I'm posting this here.


My previous post on this got deleted for a reason unknown to me. It didn't violate any rules (that I'm aware of). If it gets deleted again, I politely request an explanation via PM from a moderator as to why.

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Re: Two Local Channels to Add in HD for Los Angeles

You may be surprised to learn that Spectrum is required to pay 'carriage fees' to every (independent local) station they include in their channel tier lineups which are negotiated with the station itself.  Stations often insist on higher payments to carry programming in higher resolutions than SD, such as  HD 720p or  1080i. 

You can contact each of the stations directly to see if Spectrum decided the requested charges were higher than subscribers would be willing to pay in their broadcast surcharge.  You may also find that Spectrum would prefer to add KBEH to only their Hispanic language channel grouping. 

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Re: Two Local Channels to Add in HD for Los Angeles

UPDATE: I just noticed today that KBEH HD has been added. Hopefully, KLCS HD isn’t far behind.