Am I the only one who is fed up with over a thousand channels with nothing worth watching on any of them?  Of the few programs of interest, the bulk of the time is spent watching an endless string of commercials.  If you watch any of the news channels, the commercials will be interupted by a brief news clip before returning to another 10-15 minutes of commercials.  It's gotten so bad, that we have had to record the news just to see 15 minutes of actual news out of a 2-hour segment.  This goes as well for the few other programs we have had an interest in.   I don't normally go off on a service like I have here, but Spectrum had the nerve to send me an email entitled "Tell us what you think about Spectrum!"  Then they never gave me a chance to say what I thought about them.  Instead, they did a survey on my demographics and asked me  if I watched Spectrum news (answer was no).  So here it is.  Let me tell you what I really think about Spectrum since you never gave me the chance in the worthless survey:  I have no issues at all with your internet service---it's more than acceptable.  My bundle gives me a phone I did not want, did not ask for, do not use, and had to turn off because you sold my number to telemarketers---the only people who know the number.   But most of all, YOUR TV PROGRAMMING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!



I apologize for any issues. The actual programming on the channels is determined by the networks not by us. The same programming would be on any provider. 


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hossboyd wrote:

Am I the only one who is fed up with over a thousand channels with nothing worth watching on any of them?  But most of all, YOUR TV PROGRAMMING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a Spectrum issue. This is a network issue. Spectrum is just providing you access to those networks. If you feel like you have more channels than you care to have or don't watch you can always drop down to a lower tier or cut cable tv altogether and just use an antenna.

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Where Spectrum and other providers can help is to stand firm and stop being forced to take ALL the channels a media company has to offer to keep the good ones that are watched.  We all pay for those extra channels no one watches so that we can get the good ones.  Check the list of channels being rammed down Spectrum's throat next time you see the notices regarding losing some channels because of lack of an agreement (CBS, ESPN, etc).  Too many customers complain about losing those big name channels and don't realize by taking those they have to pay for a bunch they never will even consider watching.





No one is selling your phone number to anyone.


A: if you don't pay for non-published service, then your information is published in telephone directories. The legacy phone companies did the same thing for decades.


B: The telemarketers are dialing EVERY number. Since your phone number is within the range of every possible number, it will get called by telemarketers.