Programming and/or LACK thereof

I am doing all I can to compose this in a civil manor. Yesterday was SuperBowl Sunday And I knew I would not be able to watch so I recorded it. My COMPLAINT is pretty straight forward. Whose job is it to stop recording a program while it is in progress???? Anyone care to answer?  WHY during a sports event would you program a halt in recording process? I can't tell you how much a change in venues could be coming up.


Re: Programming and/or LACK thereof

When you setup recordings, it is for the total timeframe they have setup for the game, or movie, tv show etc.  Ex.  5-6, 6-10. etc...


You have the option wen setting up the recording to extend the "end time" so it will continue to record after the set time frame. So if the game is suppose to end at 8, you can setup to keep recording for 1,2,3,4,5 minutes, up to a few hrs AFTER 8, for these types of situations. 


Re: Programming and/or LACK thereof

I'm not aware of any DVR that automatically extends recordings unless Gracenote/Nielson/Tribute changes the listing on the fly for the end time. Same thing would happen if a network delays a program for a news announcement and it runs past the scheduled end time.


Your best bet is to extend the record time 15/30/1 hr...just in case, especially for sports and other live events.


Re: Programming and/or LACK thereof

Just to add to what has been posted, if I record a sporting event, I ALWAYS extend the recording time by at least 1 hour past the scheduled end time just in case it goes into overtime or goes long for any other reason.